Multi-thread testing in Pyramid

If you want to do multi-thread testing in Pyramid, it probably won’t work the first time because request and registry are thread local, and things like get_renderer will call get_current_registry. When it happens in a thread, it won’t get the same value as it would have in the main thread.

So, here is a hack to address this:

import pyramid.threadlocal
from threading import Thread, Lock

candidates = [
    (self._test1, ()),
    (self._test2, ()),
    (self._test3, ()),

def random_func(pyramid_thread_locals):
    time.sleep(random.random())  # 0 ~ 1 sec
    func, args = random.choice(candidates)

pyramid_thread_locals = pyramid.threadlocal.manager.get()
threads = [Thread(target=random_func, args=(pyramid_thread_locals, ),)
           for i in range(100)]
for thread in threads:
for thread in threads:

There is no guarantee that pyramid.threadlocal.manager will always be there. Even if it’s there, there’s no guarantee it can be used this way. So, this should only be considered as a temporary workaround.


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