Launching New Studio

JJ’s Studio is a software consultancy specialized in Android technologies. We are experienced in both system and application layers, plus several years of experience before that in Linux mobile phone development.

We have co-founded the well-known, as well as created/contributed to several Free and Open Source Software projects, such as 0xdroid, 0xbench, OpenEmbedded, and OpenWrt.

Our services include:

  1. Android application: standard Android application that fits into the varieties of Android devices.
  2. Framework development: develop or integrate new features into device firmware in framework layer and below.
  3. Performance analysis: get more out of your hardware by profiling and tuning.

JJ’s Studio differentiates ourselves by the unique combination of knowledge in different layers of Android architecture. This enables us to work in different areas from developing a mobile application to delivering a complete device firmware.

Please also check my partner Julian’s article on this (in Traditional Chinese).


John Lee

(Traditional Chinese)

JJ’s Studio 為專精於 Android 相關科技的軟體顧問工作室。我們對於系統與應用層皆有經驗,並且在 Android 之前就有數年的 Linux 手機開發資歷。

我們與朋友共同創立了知名的,並曾創立或貢獻給以下的開放原始碼專案:0xdroid, 0xbench, OpenEmbedded, OpenWrt.


  1. Android 應用程式:著重於對不同 Android 裝置的相容與一致性。
  2. 框架層開發:將新功能開發或整合進 Android 框架或底層系統之中,直接包含在出廠韌體內。
  3. 效能分析:對系統剖析與調整,讓硬體發揮更大效能。

JJ’s Studio 的獨特競爭優勢來自於對 Android 系統各不同層面的理解。這讓我們可以勝任從應用程式開發,到發布完整的裝置韌體等不同的工作領域。

請參考我的夥伴 Julian 對此發布的文章


John Lee


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