vmplayer 3.1.3-324285 + Linux 2.6.37

I need to use vmplayer because Microsoft Windows is required for Linux-unfriendly IT infrastructures, document formats, Online ATMs, etc. However the modules of the latest vmplayer, v3.1.3, cannot build under Linux 2.6.37. So:

Extract the tar balls under /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source , then apply this patch. Enter each directory, make.

Put the generated *.o under /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/misc , symlink them to *.ko, depmod -a. Done.

3 thoughts on “vmplayer 3.1.3-324285 + Linux 2.6.37

  1. Thanks for the fix. I applied the patch and re ” tar cf” each directory , then let Vmplayer make the modules. This worked for a new Slackware 13.37RC1 OS using Kernel
    Thanks again.

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