First code drop of 0xlab

We have been busy in the past two months, and now it’s time to open up our code. Please keep in mind that most of these projects are not in the release state yet, but subjects of ongoing development.

You can find all of our source code at: Here is a brief introduction of each project:

  1. MadButterfly: a git clone of the original project. The real project is hosted at assembla. MadButterfly is very likely to be the base of our 2D UI framework. It’s based on SVG instead of traditional toolkits such as gtk or kde, so it will give the UI designer a lot of space to unleash his/her creativity. The main developer’s (Thinker) blog is here.
  2. Android Eee PC: it aims to ease the porting of Android to Eee PC. At the moment the most interesting thing is the 3D acceleration structure on it, which can use the existing hardware driver in Mesa. Check this video to see what it can do. (blog)
  3. 0xlab’s Linux Kernel Tree: it contains several branches for different platforms, like Omap3, SMDK6410, and may be more in the future. Also, all of them are intended for being able to boot into Android. We tend to use the Beagle Board (OMAP) as our main development platform because it’s cheap and open.
  4. esuit: the Embedded System Unit/Integrated Test cases framework. It aims to provide a unified method to verify the functionalities of a hardware platform. This project is in planning phase, so no source code is available yet.
  5. android obex: it provides obex file sharing in Android. (blog)

From now on, we will direct all of our technical discussions to the 0xlab-devel mailing list. Plus, IRC #0xlab is the place we usually hang out. If you want to reach us directly, mail us.


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