What we are doing now, and how to join force.

We have been receiving a lot of emails asking about what 0xlab is doing now, and exactly how to cooperate with us.

First of all, we have been fairly busy recently. If you have tried to port Android to other platform, then you will know it’s not an easy task. We have some familiar porting issues, such as the documents provided by hardware manufactures are either vague or incomplete, the BSP is outdated (ancient), code is a mess or even completely unusable. And we also have some new issues, such as Android platform’s big code base and lack of proper document (I’m talking about lower level here), or what Goggle said in their presentations is way different then what’s in the code, and I don’t even want to start with many hard-coded assumptions about hardware (G1), etc.

Rant aside. What’s been keeping us busy:

  • Port several wireless modules to several popular platforms.
  • Graphic acceleration.
  • Multimedia enrichment. (Reads: port other open source codes)

I’m not going to dive into details here. We will do a code drop sometime in June, and our members will blog about their work, so the technical details will be revealed then. We will also open up our development mailing list, so people can discuss there.

Next question is: how to join force? The answer is quite simple: just like any open source project. After the code drop, try it out, report bugs, send us patches, join mailing list, talk on the IRC (#0xlab), etc. – all the usual stuffs. That also means we won’t work on any specific product. So, if you’re interested in developing android based product, send your *own* developers to join and grow with us.

Now, advertisement time: join FreedomHEC Taipei, Matt and Jserv will talk about bootloader there.


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