So now the news is in the open. After Harald mentioned the recent status of Openmoko, Sean talked at openexpo to explain the whole thing.

In my opinion, Sean was more honest then I expected, and I admire that. It’s hard to admit so many mistakes as the CEO of a company.

Anyway, leave the past in the past. Life still needs to move on. I still got my gta02 (freerunner), and it’s still an interesting device that has all kinds of possibilities. What’s missing is just the right software. I still haven’t decided where to put my energy into, whether it should be freesmartphone based or Android. As a FOSS developer, it seems I should really support freesmartphone, but since my next job will most likely be related to Android and my time/energy is limited, maybe I will start with android.

I didn’t put this into Openmoko category by purpose so it won’t show up on


One thought on “Slashdotted.

  1. Hi John,

    I like this post, and thanks for giving credit on Sean’s presenation. We really appreciate your continuing hacking and providing your valuable comments on GTA02.

    Wish you a sparkling new job. Get involved, stay involved, and spread the words for Openmoko.

    Thank you!


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