Don’t work when you’re tired.

I did the following things in the past few days: fix a stupid typo that ruined everyone's build...
diff --git a/packages/opkg/ b/packages/opkg/
--- a/packages/opkg/
+++ b/packages/opkg/
@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@ echo "#!/bin/sh
 if ! test -f /etc/.configured; then
        opkg-cl configure
-" > $D$/{sysconfdir}/rcS.d/S${OPKG_INIT_POSITION}
-chmod 0755 $D$/{sysconfdir}/rcS.d/S${OPKG_INIT_POSITION}
+" > $D/${sysconfdir}/rcS.d/S${OPKG_INIT_POSITION}
+chmod 0755 $D/${sysconfdir}/rcS.d/S${OPKG_INIT_POSITION}
 test -f $D/${sysconfdir}/rcS.d/S${OPKG_INIT_POSITION}configure && rm -f $D/${sysconfdir}/rcS.d/S${OPKG_INIT_POSITION}configure

 update-alternatives --install ${bindir}/opkg opkg ${bindir}/opkg-cl 100

and, on my own computer, I wanted to do:
tar zxf openmoko-asu-image.tar.gz -C /mnt
but instead I did:
tar zxf openmoko-asu-image.tar.gz -C /
So I have to reinstall debian…

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